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More about my work:

  • My work can now be seen in the exhibition Expo 5 in Breda until April 8  2022

  • Also view my photo work at  werkaandemuur

  • Interview at BredaNow in the program  Look in Art

Ik heb, als lid van Het Fotopaleis Breda, deel genomen aan een expositie met als titel 'Beeldenstorm'. 

Expo5, the occasional name of five photographers who are part of Het Fotopaleis in Breda, was asked by residential care center deBreedonk to exhibit in their location on Willem van Oranjelaan in early 2022. 


The photographers who showed their work there are: Kees Siemons, Hans van Gils, Fred Sonnega, Carla Bertelsmann and Reginald Kluijtmans. 

This has now been successfully concluded and we are certainly open to a sequel. So if you are interested. Then please contact me.

The mask

Connecting people is central to my work. Through experience I have learned how important it is that we shape our lives together. That is why I like to work as a theater maker, actor or photographer with my environment in order to come to surprising  productions. 


“Man is a social animal, he was not made to live alone”


Aristotle, Greek philosopher, 384 BC - 322 BC


I'd love to work with you!


Reginald Kluijtmans

Theater making, Acting, Photography


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